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Addressing three Most Sensitive and Challenging Hurdles Schools Face in the Digital Generation

We immerse your executives, wellbeing staff, educators and IT team into a world of technology that specifically caters to the challenges and barriers commonly faced in todays classrooms. These solutions offer practical answers to seemingly impossible questions.

Empowering Your Greater School Community

Ensuring Technology is No Longer a Hindrance or Risk To Your School & That Your Educators Own Their Classroom.

Our goal is to keep your teams aware of role specific information so they can track how their responsibilities translate into the digital world without creating extra work for them.

Digital Citizenship

Help Your Students Compare Their Own Online Behaviour Against Your Expected Levels For Their Year Without the Big Brother Approach

Our goal is to arm your students with in class tools that will help them understand what your school deems as acceptable online behaviour and help them develop into responsible young adults.

Staying Intelligently Informed

Keep your greater school community informed of role specific data they can drill down into the data in seconds
Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

Awareness in an invisible space

Empower your wellbeing teams by providing them with immediate case information of the most challenging behaviour like cyber bullying, self harm, drugs and predatory behaviours so they can assist students at risk before situations evolve into more challenging scenarios

Staff can be made immediately aware of high risk cases

Identify trends of behaviour

Digital records provide an evidence based solution

Digital Citizenship

Help your students compare their own online behaviour against your expected levels for their year without the big brother approach.

Provide clear expectations to your students

Offer your students awareness when their behaviour begins to falter

Clear visibility on how year levels are tracking against your expectations

Digital Citizenship
Teacher Empowerment

Teacher Empowerment

Teachers spend hours lesson planning and using their creative genius to inspire your students but how can you help them make the most of their efforts?

Our systems allow your educators to teach adult topics to your older grades without being risk of exposing your junior grades to inappropriate content. Your teachers can also identify off topic students at any time in seconds.

Stop technology getting in the way when it blocks education rich sites

Allow teachers to give just their class access to more adult/specialist topics

Teachers can identify off topic teachers in seconds at any time

BYOD Devices

Protection Of 3G & 4G BYOD Devices

New innovative solutions are now available to protect students 3G & 4G devices 24/7 anywhere so schools & parents can have peace of mind.

Provide a BYOD program that’s flexible and appropriate

BYOD where everything just works seamlessly

Complete visibility of all devices

BYOD Devices


Stop Students bypassing your systems

Anonymizers have been commonly used by Australian students in grades five and above for over three years now and are free and simple to download. Ours systems are specifically designed to put a stop to these methods and allow you to identify students that use them.

Put a stop to inappropriate use of the internet

Identify students who are intentionally trying to bypass your filtering

Prevent your students secretly visiting sites used could be used by predators

Removing Internet Risks

Remove the risks with the most commonly used educational platforms

Video & image platforms like YouTube and search engine images have been the most commonly used platforms used in Australian Schools for over two years now and they have done a fantastic job of improving learning outcomes but they contain much inappropriate content that cannot be filtered properly without specialist technology.

Give your teachers confidence to use the most advanced digital learning tools safely

Allow your junior grades access to learning tools without putting them at risk

Stop your students from being exposed to inappropriate & distracting site comments

Removing Internet Risks
Network Security

Network Security

Keep your confidential information safe and secure

Keep your confidential information safe and secure and your devices and servers free of threats such as malware, ransomware, crypto-jacking and viruses. We offer the best enterprise-grade firewalls including Fortinet, Sophos, Smoothwall, Checkpoint & Cisco to help you meet your compliance objectives. Network security is now a very serious priority after last years cybersecurity report rated schools as the 7th most hacked industry in Australia.

Removing In-Class Barriers & Distractions

Modern video & cloud platforms offer constant student distractions like ads, auto playing and comments that reduce class engagement. This can all be prevented so your classes are purely focussed on education rich content.

Arming your Exec Team To Cope With The Digital Age

The Solutions We Offer Are Designed to Provide Your Execs With Critical Information at Their Fingertips.

If your school embraces a digital curriculum you may wish to empower your Executive staff by keeping aware of challenges and trends that impact learning outcomes and reduce in-class engagement. The solutions we offer are designed to provide your Execs with critical information at their fingertips that are put into context so they can confidently and quickly make decisions without having to involve other staff members or IT departments.

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